Precious and fine stones do not derive only their value from their beauty. Many have healing and protective virtues that have been recognized throughout history in many countries. By carrying these stones on oneself, or by placing them in a house, one adds their curative action to their aesthetic and decorative effect, provided one knows how to take care of them. Many sites provide information on this subject.
Stones and crystals are alive, it’s important to keep that in mind when you’re around them.They naturally radiate what they are, and we can, according to our sensibility, consciously resonate with the message they spread.

Their curative and protective effect has not been scientifically explained. Two types of mechanisms are at work in the crystals. On the one hand they emit radiation. These are related to the color of the crystal, but the color does not explain everything. On the other hand they store energies from their environment in their internal structures, they sort of record them. It is quite possible that this memorization will occur at sub-atomic levels.

The communications that we establish with others, with machines and with nature, are established by means of codes and languages which our daily life provides very good examples various: road code, marine codes, bar codes, numeric codes, sign languages, spoken or written languages, DNA genetic codes, etc.These codes are emitted and transported by the medium of light, sounds or electric and electromagnetic waves. 

Their inscription or recording in matter (paper, clay, stone, metal, crystals, magnetic particles, water, molecules, etc.) involves a modification or imprint of this matter, up to the atomic, electronic and quantum levels. Our bodies also contain memories, acquired or archetypal, beneficial or blocking. The use of sacred codes (sounds, words, crystals, geometry) is particularly recommended to reconnect us with our cellular memories and promote our development and foster our spiritual development (According to Dr alain Boudet).

– All the information contained in this document, concerning the therapeutic applications of minerals, comes from the French literature and/or personal observations. Minerals have been used for millennia by a large majority of peoples and it is a true transmission of knowledge that has been carried out over time to the present day, and increasingly strengthened by scientific knowledge.

  • This manual is not intended to replace a specialized book on the subject and the list of properties for each stone is by no means exhaustive.
    Under no circumstances can all these tips substitute for those of your treating physician.